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Full Winegrowing Services

With over 30 years experience, Kerry Damskey has created the first fully integrated and holistic wine consulting team in the wine business, applying the concept of terroir to his all-inclusive, artful approach to winemaking.

Terroirs, Inc. Kerry Damskey and Associates offers an entire range of winemaking and management services, including:

Custom Growing and Winemaking: Terroirs works with wineries and growers to identify unique swatches of land that hold the promise of world-class wines. When working with growers, Kerry and his associates collaborate with the client, stewarding each vintage through the winemaking season. Terroirs’ aim is to guide growers and enologists in the creation of premium wines that reflect the geological and climatic environment of the grapes.

Strategic Consultation: With Damskey’s leadership and exceptional organizational skills, Terroirs provides a full range of strategic consulting services including the development of business systems and operations, and technical and strategic problem solving. The firm excels in aesthetic and environment appropriate design and building site management.

Operations Management: Terroirs works with clients to bring all the elements of vineyard and winery operations into alignment with the company’s goals. Strategies include implementing targeted business plans, operating policies and staff development

Winery Start Up and Expansion: Damskey is a pioneer in developing vineyards, building wineries, and implementing site-appropriate wine styles. Clients range from California to Rhode Island as well as India, Bulgaria and Africa.

Lectures and Education: Kerry and his team provide learning opportunities for "classroom" or "symposium" style venues. We provide a customized training to meet the needs of both topic and audience.

Due Diligence: Evaluation of potential winery or vineyard acquisitions and asistance in the development of purchase proposals.

Brand Development and Marketing Communications: Our team works with wineries to develop a next level approach to marketing strategies and communications. Through careful and constant marketplace evaluation, we help clients reach out to "early adopters" while maintaining brand integrity.

International Grape Growing and Winemaking: Terroirs, Inc. is uniquely positioned to assist international clients in nascent wine regions to gain a solid marketshare through strategic vineyard and facilities development. Kerry Damskey draws upon supplier relationships throughout India, Asia, Europe and Africa. Language is no barrier - our team is eager to communicate in English, Mandarin, or Spanish!

Compliance: The Terroirs, Inc. team can assist clients in decyphering ever-changing U.S. wine industry compliance laws and provide a road map of regulatory obligations required of a start-up wine business.

All work performed by Terroirs is done under the direction of Master Winemaker, Kerry Damskey. Damskey holds a Bachelor of Science in Fermentation Sciences from the University of California, Davis, is a graduate of the Intensive Program for Small Business at the Stanford University School of Business and is a candidate of the Institute of the Masters of Wine. Damskey is a two-time winner of the Sonoma County Wine Sweepstakes award and has received numerous other awards for his wines.

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